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Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions

If our product has any quality problem, we will make prompt response to customers' requests.

* "KST" guarantees its products against defects in materials and workmanship for three months from the date of purchase. This warranty is exclusively limited to the replacement or repair of defective products at "KST" 's option, free of charge.

* "KST" promise to reply with reasonable explain within 48 hours (Not including holiday) on receipt of any customer's Feedback or complaint.

* The warranty does not cover damages caused by abuse, misuse or normal weat from usage. Before the using, we will supply new users the best parameters for reference. 

* This user assumes the responsibility of determining the suitability of the products for his intended use.

* In no event shall "KST" be reliable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever.

Our after-sales Team

We have an experienced team, and offer our customers additional benefits with
Application-specific advice, both by phone and on site, by our after-sales and field service, our product management staff, engineers and technicians.

We offer opportunities of testing/using/practice in our factory for those new users who are not familiar with KST's products.

Reliable delivery based on detailed planning, well-planned logistics, and a high degree of operating flexibility through our order service department. In Fujian, China region we send goods to our customers by our own transportation team, other regions by our reliable transportation agent.

Highly-developed basic research to generate know-how and manufacture tools with a technical standard that leads the world, meeting the high requirements of our customers.

If you have any problems about service, please email us on Or call on +86-592-5222813 for service support. We will Reply you promptly. 


1. Why I can't hear from the earphone when the indicator flash green?

There may be poor contact between earphone and earphone jack. Please plug out the earphone and plug in again.


2. Why the radio transmit only?

 Check if PTT is blocked with something. There should be slight “dadada” at the pressing of PTT.


3. I can not turn on the radio and even it is turned on, it often shuts off automatically.Why?

Please check if the battery contact is out of shape. Or make sure the switch is not loosened.


4. Why my vocie received is low?

Please check if the MIC is blocked by something. And make sure that the volume is turned high.


5. What should I do, if the radio is dropped into water?

Take the radio out of water and remove the battery as quick as possible. Swing the water out of radio and put the radio at a dry and ventilated place. Return the radio to your KST authorized dealer for maintenance as early as possible.


6. Why Couldn't I communicate with other group members? 

First, please verify that the frequency piont and the CTCSS you are using are the same as those of your group members. If the channel frequency and the CTCSS are the same, please verify that your group members are within radio communciation range. 

7. Why can I hear the voice from other groups?

Please change your CTCSS for the channel. At the same time, you also need to change the CTCSS for all the radios in your group. If you don't like this, you may stwich to another channel. 


8. After a period of time, my radio works well, but no sound from my earpiece. 

The socket inside the radio has been damaged. Please return the radio to your KST authorized dealer for maintenance. 


9. Why is the radio communication range shorter than before and the sensitivity becomes poorer?

Please check the antenna and make sure it is a good one. Also please check the antenna socket is not damaged or loosened. If so, please return the radio to your KST authorized dealer for maintenance.


Solutions to FAQs when trying the radio

1. Frequency Interference: Voices from other group or other broadcasting stations are heard on the channel. Three methods are available: Change Channel Set CDCSS/CTCSS or DTMF code Lower the squelch level


2. Short DistanceIf there is difference between required communication distance and practical distance, the communication can be realized through adjustment of radio RF power or squelch level. Or, a repeater is suggested added to improve the communication.


3. Intermittent Voice: Intermittent voice is often heard in critical distance during radio communication. Under such condition, please adjust squelch level or cancel CDCSS/CTCSS code to improve it.


4. Squeaking: It's normal that squeaking may be heard on the channel when two radios is several meters near or closer. Users can adjust the volume to improve it.