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Two-Way Radios: Employee Safety Equipment

Author:Admin Date:2011-8-6 10:16:44

Two-Way Radios: Employee Safety Equipment

To make sure the safety of staff, two-way radios and devices are used in workplace to increase safety.

Many businesses including schools, factories and manufacturers make use of radio communications and more specifically, two-way radios allow members of staff to communicate over a wide area. Two-way radios are great for modern businesses who want to provide increased health and safety without spending a great deal of money. And after the handsets are purchased, there are no call charges.

You can also get wireless public address (PA) speakers that work with your two-way radios. These wireless PA systems receive transmissions from your two-way radios at up to two miles away. You can use these to quickly send emergency messages out, or to just keep your employees informed.

Most businesses do a pretty good job of ensuring the safety of their employees within the walls of their business. But what is often neglected is employee safety in parking lots. Parking lots can be prone to accidents and other incidents.

One way to improve parking lots safety is to install wireless call boxes in parking lots so employees can call for assistance. If an employee’s car won’t start he can use the callbox to call for jump starting. If a woman notices a van with tinted or no windows parked next to her car, which is a tool sexual predator’s use, then she can use the callbox to call for an escort. If an accident occurs employees can call for help.

In fact, two-way radios are being used by companies who not only want to invest in the safety of their staff but also as a way to stand out from their competitors. Retailers are using them in store so staff can check stock levels by communicating with the stock room rather than wasting valuable time and money going back and forth. These benefits bring conveniences not only to the company itself but also their customers who are not kept waiting to see if a particular item is in stock.

Schools and colleges are also seeing the benefits of two-way radio as they can be used on the campus by teachers and staff as well as on field trips to communicate. Such technology is looked upon favorably by regulators as an investment in safety and protection.

Keeping your employees safe in any way you can should be a top priority of yours. Using two-way radio devices is one way to do that. With these devices you can get the added benefit of increased productivity. Look around your business and I’m sure you’ll find a way you can integrate two-way radios.